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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Our targets for this term are:

Reading: To answer questions about what has happened in the story.

Writing: To spell the tricky truck words correctly in my writing – my, was, he, she, I, A, the, is.

Maths: To count forwards and backward from any given number up to 20, 30 and 50.

English – Beegu

We created our very own aliens. We had had to think about how many eyes, hands, arms and legs it would have and why our alien might need 4 noses but only 1 eye. Some of us decided to colour our aliens in lots of bright colours.


Maths – One more /One less

We’ve been looking at more one and one less in maths this term and we’ve been using lots of numicon and multi-links to help. Exploring with different resources has been really good at helping us with our understanding.


Maths – Ordinal Language

We’ve been using lots of ordinal language to order lots of different things, such as pencils and playdough caterpillars.


Art – Pablo Picasso

Miss Mda showed us paintings that were done by an artist called Pablo Picasso. We thought it would be really fun do draw pictures of ourselves but in the style of him. They all looked really funny and we had a mini gallery opening in our classroom so we could all look at them.