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Priory Fields School

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Term 1


This term for RE we have been talking about heroes. What does it mean to be a hero? What sort of qualities and values do you need to have?

We all agreed that you need to be strong and kind, a respect rabbit and an open-mined octopus. At first all we could think about were superheroes: Thor, Hulk, Spiderman.

We realised that the qualities you need to be a hero don’t just come from having ‘powers’.

Miss Mda is a hero. She helps me to be strong and makes me a happy hippo when I’m sad.

The NHS are heroes as they saved so many people from Covid.

What about Marcus Rashford? He played well good in Football and gave lots of children food too

It became very clear that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and although we may not know it, we are all heroes to.

I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people

Photos of children dressed as heroes

Mindfulness Yoga

Today we tried yoga. A special lady came into school and we talked about how we are the same and different. We did the hello song and we talked about the things that make us the same.

Then we learnt some new yoga poses and read a story. We really enjoyed putting the new poses we learnt to music.

After that it was time relax and focus on being still and calm. We had so much fun and we can’t wait to do it all again.

Photos of children doing yoga

Treasure Hunt

Beegu had crashed landed in our school after we wrote to tell her telling her all the amazing things she could do here. She was so excited by what we had to tell her that she left us a treasure map to show us all the places she had been.

We had to follow the map and the clues to find the treasure. The first place on the map was the frog bin at the end of the bridge, so off we went.

Next we went along the path to the bottom playground where we found the next clue in the buddy hut.

Our final clue was super tricky. We had to find a water fountain! We weren’t sure what a water fountain was but once Miss Mda explained we realised that we have one in our outside learning area. So we raced straight there.

We had all the clues so all we needed to do was put them back together and what did we find, BEEGU!! It was a picture of Beegu. On the back she told us to go into Miss P-M’s classroom. So Jackson, Poppy and Hudson went and come back with the treasure!

We had the best time working as collaborative cats to follow the map. Thank you Beegu.

Photos of children hunting for Beegu

Bouncing Balls

In PE this term we are learning ball skills. How to throw, catch, kick and share a ball. We used tennis rackets, bean bags, big balls and small balls and all have been great fun.

Photos of children's PE lessonWe are gaining in confidence and continuing to be adventurous aardvarks!


Any of five ways to understand or experience one's surroundings are you senses.

The senses are touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

You use your eyes to see, you ear to hear, your skin to touch, your nose to smell and your tongue to taste.

We got to do a taste test trying lots of different foods: lemons, tomatoes, crackers, biscuits and marshmallows.

Photos of children tasting things

We talked about the sour tasting lemon and how the cracker and biscuit looked the same but one tasked sweet and one was dry. The tomatoes were really squishy. But the marshmallows were the best!!

Photos of children tasting things

Sid the Skeleton

This is Sid.

Photo of Sid the Skeleton

He is a skeleton. But he didn’t always look like this. We came in after lunchtime to find him all jumbled up and confused! We had to work as collaborative cats to put him back together again.

Photos of children reassembling  Sid the Skeleton

It was really tricky with all the different bones and names but we channelled the open-minded octopus and we never gave up.

Capacity and Counting

In maths this term we are learning all things counting and capacity.

We got to play with the water outside and fill different containers. We looked at weather the container was ‘full’ or ‘empty’ and we talked about how we could tell the difference. We know that when something is ‘full’ it means you can’t put any more into it, and when its ‘empty’ it means there is nothing in it at all. Full and empty are opposite.

Photos of children's capacity work

We then got fill different container with dinosaurs but this time we weren’t just looking at making them full and empty, we wanted to know how many dinosaurs to took to make the container full, so we had to count them. Most of us managed to fit 14-16 dinosaurs into our cups but some of us were real adventurous aardvarks and managed as many as 24! It was fun to us something different to full up our cups but we enjoyed the water more. It's messier.

Photos of children's counting work

Welcome to Liberty Class

We are officially year 1! We’ve been adventurous aardvarks in our new classroom. The first few has been filled with exploring, discovering and making memories. We’ve been discovering the new features of our classroom: from the outside area to the huge dolls house to the reading corner. 

Photos of children playing

It’s been exciting to hear all about the things we will be learning and discovering all the things year 1 has to offer. We’re excited to bring you all on this journey with us and we hope you enjoy seeing everything we do.

Photos of children playing

Making Beegu

This term we are reading about an alien called Beegu. She is lost and is feeling lonely so she tries to find some friends. We wanted to be open-minded octopus’ and find different way to make Beegu. Some of us used playdough while others used pencils and felt tips. It was really fun making Beegu and we even got some tips from the writer Alexis Deacon.

Photos of making Beegu