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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Our Learning Landing


We have been learning all about the story Beegu. We acted out the story using freeze frames and we talked about how Beegu might be feeling. He was sad because the adults on Earth were not kind to him.

Photos of Beegu work

We spoke about what we would do if Beegu came to our school, the children in Liberty would all be kind to Beegu and had some great ideas of activities that they would do with her!


We have had a great start to our topic and have been learning all about our bodies. We have started looking at what senses our bodies have; sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing. We had a lovely afternoon exploring all our senses.

Sight- For sight we played eye-spy and checked off the objects we could find; it was a bit tricky!

Taste- For taste we tried different flavour crisps and discussed what they tasted like, some were salty, some tasted like vinegar and some were cheese and onion flavoured!

Touch- We had an investigation into teddies to explore our sense of touch. We discussed how the teddies felt, some were ‘soft’, ‘fluffy’, ‘rough’ and some felt a bit ‘scratchy’.

Photos of children with teddies

Smell- We had a go at smelling lots of different things. Most of them were nice! We smelt; ‘oranges’, ‘strawberry jelly’, ‘lime jelly’, ‘playdough’ and lots more! We draw the items when we guessed what they were.

Photos of children learning about smell

Hearing- This sense was a bit loud! We played different instruments and discussed how loud or quite they were. Some were VERY loud!

Photos of instruments

We have loved learning about our 5 senses!

Math Topic

In maths we have been measuring! We have measured the height of different objects around the classroom using cubes and we compared the height of our objects with our friends.

We have also measured the length of different objects. We conducted an investigation into the length of our feet! We predicted who we thought would have the biggest feet based on height and then measured our shoes. We were surprised when the smallest person didn’t always have the smallest feet!

Photos of children measuring feet

Welcome to Year 1!

We have been following our value of open-minded octopus’ when exploring our new classroom and getting to know our new teachers!

We started off our learning by learning all about ourselves and our bodies. We have been building skeleton puzzles and having a go at labelling them with our friends help. We’ve spoken about our similarities and differences and what makes us unique. We have even had a go at drawing our families and people special to us.

What a great first week in Liberty class!

Photos of children making skeltons