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Priory Fields School

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Term 1

Learning Landing

We have been such aspirational learners this term! Watch the video to see a snippet of what we have learnt:

Sensational senses!

As super investigative scientists we have been using our sense of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell to explore the world around us. 

We used our knowledge of different tastes to help us describe different flavoured crisps – as a class, cheese and onion flavour was voted the favourite.  We also developed our awareness of how bitter, sour, salty and sweet things taste when trying different foods that fall into these categories.  Lemon was our least favourite and led us to pull some interesting faces when we tried it!

Photos of taste investigation

We have used our sense of touch to help us describe things varying from shaving foam, to shells, to golden syrup and to cotton wool. 

Photos of feeling investigation

When exploring sound, we had great fun playing different instruments before deciding upon which made the quietest sound and which was the loudest.

Photo of sound investigation

We have explored a range of different smells from mint, to sweet jelly, to sour lemons.  The smell of jelly was definitely tempted us to want to eat it too!

Photos of smell investigation

We realised that we use our sense of sight all the time.  We played I-spy to help us focus on just looking.

We recognised that we often use more than one sense when navigating the world around us and also that it is important to use different senses to help keep ourselves and others safe.  Think: what senses do we use to help keep a baby safe at bath time?

Topic Maths

This term we have been focusing on measures.  We have used our mathematical vocabulary and building skills when constructing things of different heights, using words such as ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’.  We have also ordered ourselves from the tallest to shortest and investigated if the tallest person has the longest shoe size.  We predicted that they would have but when we explored it we actually found that the tallest person didn’t always have the longest shoe and the shortest person didn’t always have the shortest shoe/foot size.

We have also investigated the capacity of different containers using vocabulary such as full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty.  Are the containers in our pictures full or nearly full?  What is the difference?

Photos of topic maths work

Welcome to Year 1!

Our learning this term is inspired by 'Me, Myself and I'.  We have started the term as super scientists and have begun to learn about our bodies.  We have used our knowledge of different parts of the body to change the words to 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' ... how about 'Hair, Elbows, Knees and Ankles' instead?  Maybe you can come up with a variety of your own new versions at home?  We have also drawn around outlines of ourselves and then used pictures and words to identify and label key parts of the body - it was impressive how many different parts we already knew and how quickly we have started to recall new vocabulary.  We then spent time taking part in a range of different activities to show off our knowledge of the different body parts from our facial features, to what's underneath our skin, to how we can look after each other as medical professionals. 

Photos of myselt topic work