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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 1

Hand Washing

The brand new Loyalty class came bursting back to school eager to learn and excited to be adventurous aardvarks with all the new learning awaiting them. We got stuck straight in with our topic this term which is all to do with how to be healthy and the ways in which our views on health have changed over the years. We practised the correct way to wash our hands, imagining what life would be like if we could see germs by using glitter and paint – from one person having paint covered hands and carrying on as normal without washing their hands, very quickly our “germs” spread across the classroom getting into places we would never imagine and soon we were all affected by it! Thankfully we are hand washing experts and we were all squeaky clean again in no time!

Photos of children cleaning hands

Teeth Cleaning

We also have thought about why it is so important to brush our teeth. After making some step by step instructions for aliens on how to brush your teeth we put our instructions to the test and brushed some giant teeth nice and clean – taking care to get the sides and all the plaque off. Some of us aspirational ants even thought we were so good at looking after our teeth we might like to be dentists when we are older.

Photos of children cleaning teeth

Autumn Poetry

But it’s not just health and hygiene that has kept us busy, we’ve also been busy paying close attention to the changing seasons. We were inspired by our beautiful nature walk where we used our senses to recognise all the amazing signs which told us autumn was well on its way. Once we were back in the classroom we placed all of the wonderful things we saw, smelled, heard and felt on a mind map together and used that to construct some beautiful autumn sensory poetry of our own, just look at a few examples of the amazing end product:

Photos of children's poetry work