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Priory Fields School

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Term 2

The Big Idea

Why oh, why did the Anglo Saxons leave their home countries? What did England look like when they arrived? Who was here before them and who came next? ​

As historians, we will explore a range of sources to discover the legacy that the Anglo Saxons left behind. From the Romans leaving to the arrival of Christianity to the Battle of Hastings in 1066, we will learn how when one great civilisation ends, another civilisation will replace it and bring with them changes to custom, culture and society. ​

As diligent designers, we will use fabric to design, create and evaluate Anglo Saxon coin purses mastering the running stitch, decorating with cross-stitch and make a working drawstring. 


Courtesy class really enjoyed making Christingles. We discussed what they represent and what they are used for.

Canterbury Cathedral Trip

Courtesy class really enjoyed their trip to Canterbury Cathedral.

“My favourite thing was hearing the singing in the cathedral."

“I liked using a feather to write and learnt a new language.”

”I liked dressing up.”

“I enjoyed looking at the statues.”

“I liked learning about the history.”

“I liked exploring the church.”

“I liked wearing the costumes.”

“I learnt lots on the tour.”

“My favourite thing was seeing the colourful windows.”

“I enjoyed sitting on the throne.”


In RE, we really enjoyed looking at how the bibles stories have inspired art. We looked at the story of the ten lepers and then recreated these fantastic pieces.


In Music, Courtesy have been learning how to play Jingle Bells on the glockenspiels after writing out the notes we needed to play. We have also looked at dot notation and came up with our own dot notations.


As part of our topic lessons, we have been learning about Anglo Saxons and how Britain has changed over time.

We used atlases to locate the counties in Britain today, comparing how different it is from Britain during the Anglo-Saxon period and its seven kingdoms.

Then we looked at different suffixes and their meanings from the Anglo-Saxon period, locating places today with those suffixes in Britain today.


In English we have created our own characters. We have then used these characters to rewrite our own tale.


Learning Lift-off

To kick start our topic on the Anglo Saxons, we learnt about their values; Bravery, Honour, Truth, Perseverance, Loyalty and duty. We then created a shield to represent each value, working as fantastic collaborative cats.