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Priory Fields School

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Term 2

Musical Instruments

Look at our finished musical instruments! We are very proud of the DT skills we used in our learning landing for our topic of sound.

Photios of completed instruments

Electricity Reports

We created non-chronological reports to show our learning about electricity this term.

Photos of electricty reports

Making Musical Instruments

Our DT project this term was to plan, make and evaluate a musical instrument. We began by drawing designs of our musical instruments, after this we drew our design onto pieces of plywood and cut these out using the saws. We had to sand the edges to make them smooth. Once we had cut out the shapes, we painted them (following our design) and then stuck them together using glue. We are really proud of our instruments.

Photos of children making musical instruments

Photos of children making musical instruments


Whether we are driving around in our cars, working, or relaxing at home, we are turning on lights, music, TV, radio, computers and mobile phones. We are plugged in to sound and light 24 hours a day. 

But what is the science behind sound and light?

Electricity is one of the most important discoveries ever made and we have learned how to use it to power almost every aspect of our lives. Who discovered electricity and how does it work? As Scientists we will investigate insulators and conductors and learn how to conduct a fair test to extend and develop our understanding of electricity. 

Photos of electricity experiment

We have begun our topic work by exploring electricity. We have looked at how ‘Buzz’ games work and the creation of electrons between a balloon and our clothing or hair. We have also tried to create a circuit to light a bulb or power a motor.


We have explored a range of musical instruments, finding the highest and lowest pitch notes. We have then looked at the size of the instrument and discovered that the largest instrument makes the lowest pitch note, and the smallest instrument makes the highest pitch note.

Photos of children making music


To rehearse our knowledge of perimeter we used multilink cubes to create zoo animal enclosures. We could then work out the size of each space and how much fencing would be needed to look after our animals!

Photos of perimeter work


We have been learning about perimeter in our topic maths lessons. We used metre rulers to find the perimeter of different items in the classroom, we found the perimeter of different 2d shapes and even worked together to find the perimeter of our classroom.

Photos of children measuring things

Photos of maths wor


We have been exploring pitch in music, we used different instruments to find out which produced the highest and lowest sound. We discovered that the larger the instrument, the lower the pitch!

Photos of children making music


Look at our amazing English work about Lila, who is the main character in our class text – The Firework-Makers daughter.

Photos of English work