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Term 2

Bold As Project

Tolerance had the privilege of working with Phil White as part of our Bold As project. Phil taught Tolerance class different notes and we played some games to help us learn these notes. We had lots of fun.

I love how he taught us the difference between a  C and G note.

He taught me how to hold my instrument properly and how to add oil if needed.

I enjoyed learning Hot Cross Buns!

Photos of Bold As music work


Tolerance class have been looking at forgiveness in our R.E lessons. We used our drama skills to perform a scenario about forgiveness. We then discussed as a class who needs to forgive who and why.

Photos of forgiveness work

It is important to forgive because if you don’t people won’t think that you are a kind-hearted person.

It’s hard to forgive people because they have hurt you.

It could be hard to forgive because it could be hard for them to understand how you feel.

It is important to forgive people because it could mean a lot to them.

It is hard to forgive as they have been mean to you.


Tolerance Class have worked hard to create light reflections using watercolour paints. We explored different famous paintings that show rivers. We then picked a famous picture to re-create. Take a look at some of our work.

Photos of watercolours work

Properties of Materials

Tolerance class have been exploring the properties of different materials. We first explored the solubility of different materials. We investigated how much salt we can dissolve into both cool and warm water. We had to ensure we created a fair test.

Secondly, we explored which items around the class are magnetic or not.

Finally, we explored which items in the class are opaque, transparent or translucent.

We had a great time exploring!

Photos of science work

Simple Melodies

Tolerance have been looking at diatonic scales in music. Tolerance have used the notes from the C major to create their own simple melodies. We then explored how the melody made us feel.

Photos of children making music