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Priory Fields School

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Term 2


Respect class have been learning the clarinet this year. They are doing really well and beginning to understand how to blow to make the correct sound, and also how to produce a range of notes. They have learnt how to take care of their instruments, including how to assemble and disassemble their instrument safely.



In term 2 for our topic of Riveting Rivers, Respect class learnt about the properties of different materials. We investigated what happens when we mix different materials, and if we can separate them afterwards. We looked at evaporation with salt and water, and used our scientific skills to discover that the salt could be separated from the water once it had been mixed into a solution. We were Adventurous Aardvarks working scientifically to see which method could be used to separate items that had been mixed with water, including filtering, magnets and sieving.


Year 5 have had a nice relaxing session of yoga to prepare their minds and body for the rest of the term and the Christmas festivities. The staff thought it was well needed!

Future Foundry Art

The Future Foundry Art group kindly visited Year 5 this week to teach us how to make star-shaped lanterns using willow and paper. Once they have lights and handles, the children are invited to the Dover Christmas Light parade. We encourage all children and their families to attend the Dover Winter Light Up on Saturday 2pm where they can collect their lanterns and join the beautiful procession. See flyer for more details.


Respect Class have been steaming ahead with their Rivers learning. It was a little disappointing that the Kearsney Abbey trip has been delayed due to rotten weather but it hasn’t stopped our enthusiasm. We have been researching and describing the features of rivers, the main rivers in the British Isles and the seas into which they feed. Respect class have also enjoyed science experimentation on the water cycle.