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Term 2


After working hard to remember our number bonds to 10, we practised our compliments to 100 and showed how adding was commutative. Grown-ups beware – We are coming home to test you! Topic Maths had us looking at shapes – we’ve looked at 2D and 3D shapes so far and have been having fun trying to remember all of the new vocabulary that the greedy 3D shapes have and sorting shapes by properties. Did you know that 2D shapes can never be picked up and held?

Photos of maths work


We LOVE PE in Loyalty class. For us, Tuesday is one of our favourite days of the week – Miss Critcher has been teaching us lots of new skills this term and we have all been working very hard to impress and improve. We have made our own gymnastics routine using balance and apparatus to make it exciting. We have used front and back support, tuck, side support, pike and lunges!

Photos of PE


After our exploration trip was sadly rained off due to inclement weather, we decided to take a trip to the moon instead. Luckily we were back in time for lunch and after a quick snack we got straight to planning an amazing draft for our big piece of writing later in the week – hold onto your socks, we’ve come up with some spectacular adjectives!

Photos of English work


Our topic this term is Explorers, our table names all have changed to reflect this so we can already tell you about some famous explorers – Ibn Buttata, Amelia Earhart and Matthew Henson to name a few. We dived straight in and learned about an explorer from Europe who helped prove the earth wasn’t flat by sailing to America, Christopher Columbus. We discussed how although he made lots of people’s lives more interesting by bringing new information and food from a place new to them, there were a lot of people who were already in America who weren’t happy to see him.

But topic isn’t all about history! We got thinking about some of the beautiful places that explorers must see, and that helped get our creative brains on. Our child friendly definition of Art is to explore, imagine and create. Firstly, we explored Art by JMW Turner, thinking about how his art made us feel, how it looked and what it showed, then we explored how to use watercolours. Most of us had never used watercolours before so even getting colour on a page was a real big adventure! We practised the skill of shade, blending, depth and colour mixing. I think you’ll agree we did pretty well.

Photos of art work

We explored Turners use of colour in his paintings by extending the colours we could see, it made us think about how lots of colours go into a painting to made it look good.

Photos of art work

Pulling all of our learning together we imagined ourselves on a boat, about to discover a new land and used our new watercolour skills to paint what we imagined. Miss Bunyard thinks she should open an Art Gallery starring all the new up and coming Artists of Loyalty, but in the meantime here is a sneak peak at some of the exhibits….

Photos of art work