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Priory Fields School

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Term 2

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To answer who, what, where and how questions about my story.

Writing: To write some tricky truck words correctly in my writing – there, so, who, were, go.

Maths: To count in 2’s.


After reading magic muddle in English we decided to make our own potions. We got to choose from some yummy things such as orange and blackcurrant, marshmallows and chocolate, sprinkles and sweets. Most of use loved our potions, some of us were so sure. 


Where the wild things are

In English we have been learning about Max and the wild things. We created our very own fantasy world. It was really fun coming up with fun ideas like cotton candy land and Iron Man world.


Number bonds

In maths number we have been doing our number bonds to 20. They have been really tricky but we have been using lots of different resources and now we are starting to write our own number sentences. 



In maths topic we have been looking at how to measure using non-standard forms of measuring. Miss Mda set us a challenge to see if we could use out hands to measure different objects in the classroom. Some objects were over 20 hands long! 

Leaf walk and poems

We went on a really fun leaf walk on the bottom playground. We have to collect lots of different types of leaves and then we went back to the classroom and we had to write down lots of different describing words. Finally we then created our first year 1 poem all about the leaves we had found. 



In computing we have been looking at programming. We have been using Beebots, and the Beebot app on iPad, to give them different instructions using forward, backwards, left and right.