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Term 3

The Big Idea

This term we become expert physicists! Forces are pushing and pulling at everything in our Universe. Even as we sit in our classroom, the walls and the ceiling are pushing and pulling at each other, while gravity and friction hold us in our seats. How has Science inspired Art? This term we study a range of artists who have been inspired by Science, we look to Science to inspire our own masterpieces and consider the importance of ‘inspiration’. In DT we will apply our knowledge  of magnets to design, create and evaluate a game. 

Our Learning Landing

Courtesy put on a magic magnetic show for Harmony class. They really enjoyed being the teacher and showed the year ones the exciting things they have learnt this term!

They played their magnetic games they made, created art work using the push force, created magnetic paintings and investigated different materials to explore what is magnetic and non-magnetic.

How has Science inspired art?

We explored the force push. We used straws to blow the paint around the paper to create different patterns and textures.


We have been looking at how Science can inspire art. This week we have explored process art. We worked collaboratively to create our own masterpieces using magnets and paint.



In English this term our class text has been “The Iron Man”, we have created our own characters to replace the Space-bat-angel-dragon. The children have used their imagination to create their own character and then have written a new version of the fierce battle between the Iron Man and their new character.


Topic Maths

In Topic Maths this term our topic is “statistics”, we have been looking at different ways to present data. We gathered data about favourite fruits in our class and then we used Purple Mash to create bar graphs to present the data. We found out that strawberries are the favourite fruit of Courtesy Class.

Learning Lift-Off

For our learning lift-off for our Topic this term which is ‘May the force be with you’, we experimented the forces push and pull. We took part in activities which demonstrated the forces of push and pull such as running, throwing and catching, push-ups and many more. 


In number maths, we have been looking at multiplication. We used counters to create arrays for the 3 and 4 x table.