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Term 3


This week in Courtesy we decided to take a little time for ourselves and have some relaxation in the form of yoga! In order to help relieve the stress of school we went into yoga positions such as Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Warrior, Tree, Plank and many, many others. We also focused heavily on Chinese New Year as a way to experience a different culture and fuse Chinese teachings into some of our yoga positions. The children said afterwards they felt “calm”, “relaxed”, “happy”, and many other positive emotions. While a few of some of us struggled with some of the poses we were all Aspirational Ants and tried our best.

Photos of children doing yoga

Topic - Making our own Games!

This week in Courtesy, we have become Hasbro and created our very own games! Tying in with our Topic learning, we have been tying string to magnets for our own fishing games.

Photos of children making their own games


This week in Maths, Courtesy have been recapping their division from Year 2. It was helpful to use shapes to visualise dividing by two. The next step is to divide by trickier numbers!Photos of maths worjk


This week in Courtesy, we have been practising our Jedi powers and learning about force! While we may not be moving objects with our mind we were certainly thinking about how objects move.

The class started to learn how pushing and pulling were forces and how the type of ground this happens on affects it. This is called friction. A smooth surface will create less friction and make pushing and pulling easier whereas a jagged, bumpy surface will do the opposite.

To test this out, Courtesy partook in a practical experiment outside, noting how easy it was to push or pull objects. Isaac Newton would be proud!

Photos of topic  work

Big Idea for Year 3:

This term we become expert physicists! Forces are pushing and pulling at everything in our universe. Even as we sit in our classroom, the walls and the ceiling are pushing and pulling at each other, while gravity and friction hold us in our seats. How has Science inspired Art? This term we study a range of artists who have been inspired by Science, we look to Science to inspire our own masterpieces and consider the importance of ‘inspiration’. In DT we will apply our knowledge of magnets to design, create and evaluate a game.