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Term 3


We have been hard at work in our topic lessons over the past week - we have designed, made and evaluate our own magnetic games. We also made our own compasses using recycled materials and tested them out in water! This week, we looked at how science has influenced art and created our own paintings using straws, magnets and magnetic materials.

Photos of children making art

Game Making

This week, Integrity had to design, make and evaluate a magnetic game. Some of us created a fishing game where we had to collect coins or characters. Some of us created maze and racing games!

Photos of children making games


This week, we have been developing our understanding of magnets. We predicted and tested a range of magnets to see which would be the strongest. We used paper-clips to test how far the magnetic field would go, and found the horseshoe and bar magnets to be the strongest. We then recorded our results in a table, and then a bar graph.

Photos of magnets work

Iron Man

We have started our new story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This week, we have read chapters 1 and 2, which introduces the Iron Man and a young boy called Hogarth. We had to use our bodies and voices to show emotion when acting out the first two chapters.

Photos of Iron Man acting


Integrity have been hard at work, kicking off the new year with multiplication. We have used counters, cubes and arrays to help us to recognise equal groups and begin writing multiplication sentences. We were amazing collaborative cats, working as a team to solve some number problems.

Photos of multiplication work

Big Idea for Year 3:

This term we become expert physicists! Forces are pushing and pulling at everything in our universe. Even as we sit in our classroom, the walls and the ceiling are pushing and pulling at each other, while gravity and friction hold us in our seats. How has Science inspired Art? This term we study a range of artists who have been inspired by Science, we look to Science to inspire our own masterpieces and consider the importance of ‘inspiration’. In DT we will apply our knowledge of magnets to design, create and evaluate a game.