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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Eye of Horus

We have been researching and sketching the Eye of Horus.

Photos of children's drawings of eye of horus

The Ancient Egyptians

Why do we learn about ancient civilisations? Who were the Ancient Egyptians and how do we know about them? As budding historians, we will travel back in time and develop our knowledge and understanding of how their lives were different to ours and their legacy today. When studying history, we are looking in the mirror at ourselves – looking both backwards and forwards. History helps us understand who we are as society now, how we got here, and what we learned along the way. When looking at ancient history, Ancient Egypt has some of the most incredible, compelling, exciting puzzles and mysteries that can be found in studying how humanity began forming civilizations. For our Learning Lift-off we became history detectives, using a variety of sources to find out about Ancient Egypt. We used artefacts, maps, books, hieroglyphics and images to decipher how the Ancient Egyptians wrote, how Pharaohs lived, what daily life was like and why the River Nile was important.

Photos of Egypt work

We have been continuing to learn about The Ancient Egyptians and have discovered the importance of the River Nile for Roman life, as well as for trade and connections across the country.

We have learnt about mummification, and why this was an important process in Ancient Egyptian. We even mummified Miss Aldridge!

Photos of mummifying Miss Alldrige

We followed instructions to try out mummifying a tomato, and are looking forward to seeing the results at the end of term.

Photos of mummifying a tomato

We have used clay to create Canopic Jars which were used to hold a dead body’s organs during mummification. To create our jars, we used a coiling technique. We will be painting these and adding hieroglyphics once they are dry.

Photos of making canopic jars from clay

Look at our amazing finished Canopic Jars, ready for the pharaoh to store his organs in!

Photos of completed canopic jars

We have looked at examples of hieroglyphics and then created our own name.

Photos of children's names in hieroglyphics

Equality Class were pleased to win the attendance award and were thrilled to take part in a special trampoline session with Miss Critcher!

Photos of trampoline award

Egypt Topic Launch

Our exciting new topic was launched by exploring lots of sources; artefacts, books and websites all about Ancient Egypt.

Photos of Egypt topic

Photo of child dressed in Tutankhamen mask

We looked at a range of resources to answer key questions. We were collaborative cats by sharing facts and information that we already knew or found out from our research.

Photos of Egypt mind maps

We have been exploring new vocabulary and keywords in our mind maps.

Data Collection

Equality class have been busy collecting discrete data, counting vehicles outside the school, they used tally marks to collect the data and used this information to create their own bar charts making the data easier to read,

Photos of cars survey

Photos of bar charts work