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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Greek Gods

As part of our history unit of work, we have been researching different Greek gods from Ancient Greece. We were fascinated to hear about their different powers and how some of the gods are even related! We then picked our 2 favourite Greek gods and goddesses to research and create a short biography for them.

Photos of Greek gods work

Pitta bread advertising

After tasting our pitta breads, we decided to use our persuasion techniques to promote our pitta breads! Take a look at some of our designs.

Photos of pitta adverts

Pitta bread making!

As part of our D.T learning, Tolerance have been designing and making our own pitta bread with Mediterranean style fillings. We had to follow instructions in order to make the pitta breads. We had to decide which combinations of fillings would be tasty to include!

I filled my pitta bread with onion.

I put cucumber and lettuce in it.

I stuffed my pitta bread with feta cheese and cucumber. I also put tomatoes and cous cous inside of it.

Photos of children making pitta breads

Learning Lift Off!

Tolerance class started our topic ‘Groovy Greeks’ with a learning lift off. We came dressed up as Ancient Greeks and made laurel wreaths to wear during the day. We then sampled some traditional Greek food and rated it on its taste, texture, appearance and smell. Finally, we listened to some different Greek myths and created our own mythical monster and thought about an exciting back story for it. Take a look at our day!

Photos of Greek Dressing Up

Photos of Greek Food Tasting