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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Evaluating Our Pittas

This week we finished off our DT project by evaluating the pittas that we made. We used our senses to help us with our evaluation.

One child said:

I would of used more cucumber and lettuce next time as it would give my pitta more crunch!

After evaluating our pittas, we created logos and adverts for our pitta companies. We used persuasive language to entice people to come and taste our pittas.

Here are some of the adverts we made using a green screen:




Food Tasting

This week we have been focusing on D.T. We had to design and make our own Pitta breads recalling on our food tasting experience for our learning lift off.

One child said:

I have put sun-dried tomatoes in mine because I love them.

We then worked in groups to create our dough.

Photos of flatbread making

Another child explained that:

Making pitta bread is an irreversible change because the yeast causes a reaction where carbon dioxide is given off.

We then used our cutting skills to prepare the vegetables for our pittas.

Photos of children prepping veg

The best part of the day was getting to eat them. Even the teachers had to have a try!

Photos of people eating the pitta breads

Geography of Greece

This week we have been looking at the geography of modern Greece. We have created a report to inform you of the human features of Greece and how they have changed over time.

Learning Lift Off!

Respect class have had a fantastic learning lift off. This term we will be exploring the Ancient Greeks, during our learning lift off we explored Greek cuisine and tried different foods. We then rated the food out of 10 looking at appearance, taste and texture.

Photos of Greek Learning Lift Off

Later in the morning, we explored Greek myths. We then used ideas from the myths to create our own mythical beast.

Photo of mythical beast drawing

This week we put our self in a Athena’s shoes and asked her questions on why she turned Arachne into a spider.