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Term 3


In our history lesson today, Respect class discussed democracy. We looked at the meaning of the word and how it affected us in our daily lives. We discussed the different types of government in Ancient Greece (tyranny, monarchy, and democracy). We then split into two teams and discussed the positives about the democratic system in Ancient Greece and current day UK. The teams then voted for a spokesperson, in true democratic style, and the winning candidates led a debate about the 2 democracies. Finally, we voted for which democracy we would prefer to live under, and with the majority vote the UK system came out on top!

Learning lift Off - Greek Food

This term Respect class have been looking at Ancient Greece and this week we have enjoyed making pitta dough and stretching it into shape. We left it to prove on the classroom radiator and it doubled in size! This was due to the yeast that we added.  We designed our own pitta, considering healthy foods, thinking about the taste, textures and colours of the ingredients we picked. After this we stuffed our pitta pockets then tasted them.

Finally, we evaluated the final product to consider any changes and improvements we could make if we made pittas in the future.

Ancient Greece

Respect Class have had an absolutely fantastic time making Grecian masks as part of our Ancient Greece topic. We taste-tested Greek foods (and rated them from delicious to disgusting). We created Grecian masks (after some research and design). We are continuing to read Greek myths (poor Arachne) and create comic strips and diary entries. The learning to this new start to 2024 has been fantastic!

Learning Lift Off

This week Tolerance and Respect have enjoyed their learning lift off. We came in dressed as Ancient Greeks and enjoyed tasting Greek food, designing a Greek mask and looking at Greek myths and legends.