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Term 3

Mayan Weaving

The culmination of our Mayan learning celebrated the cultural phenomenon of ancient weaving. This was not an easy task for many of us, but we were open-minded and persevered. We hope you like the results and we are excited to show these and other works in our learning landing showcase on Friday!

Mayan Life

Endeavour Class have been continuing their research and learning of Mayan life with a close inspection on religion and their Gods. We have been creating fact files based on the knowledge we have accrued.


In PE this term, we have been learning how to play the most frustrating sport in the history of P.E. In between running after tennis balls skidding across the tarmac, we occasionally hit the ball and feel fabulous!

Mayan Civilisation

Year 6 have been happily extending our knowledge of the Mayan civilisation. A key part of our understanding is to place the Mayan epoch on a timeline of other known civilisations. The conclusions we have drawn from this graphical representation have been very instructive.

The Maya

Were so excited to start 2024 (our final year of PFS)! To start the term, we started to explore our new topic which is the Maya. We quickly introduced ourselves to the subject and then started talking about fair trade and chocolate.

We then researched, designed and made a chocolate pot (as were used by the Maya) using clay. We will show the finished pots when they have dried and are painted. We also looked and tested chocolate with different cocoa contents. Some (but not all) liked the 90% chocolate but it was closer to what the Maya would drink than normal milk chocolate. What great fun to start our term and topic!