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Term 3

Mayan Imports/Exports

Year 6 have been exploring the import and export of goods from Central America during Mayan times and in more recent history. One export the Mayans excelled at were cloth. From this, we dedicated ourselves to some marvellous Mayan weaving. It proved a little complicated but we are resilient and worked through it to great success!

Photos of Mayan textiles work

Mayan Calendar / Geography

We've been learning about how the Mayan calendar differs from ours today and what the physical geography would have been like in the area the Ancient Maya lived.

Photos of Mayans work

Mayan Masks / Gods

Endeavour Class were really proud to present their creative learning with the whole school and their parents in our class assembly. We described how the Maya believed that their Gods created the whole world and the story of how they created us. As part of the assembly, we enjoyed making Maya masks to display the different creatures and Gods.

Photos of children wearing Mayan masks

We followed up this work with some in-depth understanding of whom the Gods were and how and why they were so revered. I don’t think we should share some of the sacrificial practices here … ask us in private!

Photos of Mayan gods work

The Mayans

Year 6 welcome you all to the new year (and our last year in primary school) with an introduction to our new creative curriculum topic, The Mayans.

The Maya were an ancient civilisation who lived thousands of years ago in Central America. We will be exploring all aspects of their lives but our learning lift off focused on cocoa.

We tasted chocolates with different cocoa percentages and discussed what chocolate would have been like for the Maya. We also made traditional chocolate pots from clay.

Photos of Mayans lift off

As part of our investigations, we depicted the years in a timeline and then compared the Maya to other ancient civilisations in other parts of the world.

Mayan s Timeline