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Term 3


To start off our topic, we became real life investigators. We were provided with a pack of evidence which we needed to use to help us solve the case.

We took lots of information from the pack and these are some of the things we have already found out…

Photos of topic work

We worked out a huge fire started in London in 1666. It is called the Great Fire of London. Here are some pictures of the drama we did, acting out various famous figures and key historical events from the fire

Photos of drama


This term we have been looking at the United Kingdom and learning facts in order to write a report about one of the countries. First we went on a fact hunt and worked in teams to present to the class. Next we drafted out our information before creating an informative report.

Photos of children with union flag


In maths we have been learning about multiplication. We started our learning using resources onto our tables, working collaboratively. Miss Bunyard felt we were doing very well, so we moved on to using our own jottings to show how we would solve the problems. Today we have even moved on to making arrays to check our work

Photos of maths work