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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 3


We had some chicks arrive. Look at how cute they are! We watched as they hatched in the incubator then moved to the brooder.

It is soft!

So fluffy!

Photos of children handling chicks

Term 3 Part 2

WOW! We have made some Gruffalo Crumble! We carefully measured out the amount we needed using cups and made sure that we used the vocabulary, ‘full, half full and empty!’ We then baked it and tried it. We LOVED it!

Photos of children baking

We have also been exploring clay and making Gruffalo’s out of clay. How good does it look??

Photo of Gruffalo

We were set a challenge this week to create castles to help Princess Pearl. Look at our designs, we think they look ace!

Photos of children's castles drawings

Term 3 Part 1

Wow! Welcome to term 3! We had a special visitor who left us clues as to who they were. We found purple prickles, orange eyes and a poisonous wart! Who could it be? Oh help… Oh NO! IT IS A GRUFFALO!!!!!!!!!

We have looked indoors and outdoors but we cannot find the Gruffalo. If you see the Gruffalo around Dover or in Tower Hamlets PLEASE LET US KNOW!

We have loved exploring shape and Numicon. We have had lots of run retelling the story the Gruffalo. Look at our awesome hats!!

Photos of Year R in term 3