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Priory Fields School

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Term 3

Chick Update #3

We have ten adorable chicks! We are being respectful rabbits by looking after the chicks. Yesterday, we had a stay n play where our parents came and held a chick with us. Some of us were open-minded octopuses as we did not want to hold the chicks but we eventually did!


Chick update from Sharing and Caring….

We have ten chicks!!! We are so happy to have them, they are adorable! We have 5 girls and 5 boy chicks. We know that the boy chicks are yellow and the girl ones are brown. As a year group, we are now going to look after them by changing their food and their water.

More updates to come….



Early Years have been SOOO lucky! We have 10 eggs in our classroom. We have to look after them for 2 weeks and make sure we keep them safe. As a team, we will be collaborative cats by making sure they have fresh food and fresh water.

We made some predictions of what we think will happen. Lots of children were correct as we have ten eggs that have hatched.

We have also named them, one is called Biscuit!

Check back for more updates!


The Gruffalo

This term we have been retelling the Gruffalo. We used different pictures and had to remember the key parts of the story. In maths, we have been looking at teen numbers and we created the teen numbers using Numicon. We need to remember that they are teen numbers and not ty numbers! We have also had a space rocket crash this week, The Smeds and The Smoos have disappeared. We don’t know where they are! We have used the binoculars to try and find them.