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Term 3


We had an exciting afternoon in Liberty class! We have been looking at houses from the past and today we had an exciting box get delivered which had lots of objects from the Victorian era in. We got to look closely at the object and made predictions on what we think it was used for! We then spoke about what we use today instead.


Photos of children with a kettle

We started with an easy one which was a kettle! The children predicted that this was a kettle straight away. Victorians didn’t have electricity so they had to boil the water on a range.

Carpet Beater

Photos of children with a carpet beater

We had lots of predictions for this one: ‘pizza flipper’, ‘pancake flipper’ ‘Harry Potter broom’ and a ‘fishing net’. The class were surprised to find out this one was used to beat carpets and rugs. They didn’t have hoovers back then!


Photos of children with an iron

As the Victorian iron was heavy we thought it might have been a weight used for exercising. Some of the children were able to accurately predict that it was used to get the creases out of clothes! We found out that it was heated on the range.

Candle holder

Photo of children with a candle holder

This one was a little tricky to predict. It looked a bit like a cup and saucer, but that would be a very small cup of tea! We were able to work out that it was used to hold a candle so they didn’t burn their hands. They didn’t have light bulbs in the Victorian times.

Jelly mould

Photos of children with a jelly mould

This one was the trickiest of them all. It looked like a bowl and we had a lot of predictions for what it might be used for; cereal, pudding, cupcakes and sweets. No one was able to guess that it was actually a jelly mould! Mrs Baker was the only one that knew why the jelly mould was made like that- because they didn’t have a fridge and the porcelain would keep it cooler!

Sugar tin

Photos of children with a sugar tin

Our last Victorian object to look at was the sugar tin. We had a lot of predictions that it was a biscuit tin and we found out that they had a special tin so that the mice and rats didn’t get in the sugar.

We had a great afternoon being Hands on Historians! 


In music we have been learning call and response songs. We have been singing Pretty Trees Around the World as a class and learning other call and responses such as; ‘Scooby dooby doo’, ‘where are you?’.

The children have loved this topic! In pairs the children went off and created their own call and response. They then performed them to the rest of the class. Hope you enjoy listening to them!


In English we have been reading The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have had lots of discussions into who we believe is telling the truth!

We decided to interview the pigs and the wolf to find out the truth. As a class we thought of some questions and we interviewed the characters. We loved asked the pigs and the wolf questions and some of the answers were really funny! One of the wolves said he eats 5 pigs for breakfast, 12 for lunch and 21 for dinner!

Photos of story telling

When we had asked our questions we decided to have a debate on who was telling the truth. We thought of some ideas as to why we believe that character and shared them with each other. Some of the children thought the wolf was telling the truth because it was an accident, he only wanted some sugar and he couldn’t help but sneeze! Some children believed the pigs because the pigs were scared of the wolf and the wolf ate them!

Our Houses

We received a letter from the 3 Little Pigs asking us to build them a house that was waterproof, windproof and looks pretty. Liberty class is full of helpful children so we were excited to get started! In our books we took the time to create a couple of designs that we might use.

Photos of house designs

Then we chose one and thought about the materials we might need to create it.

Photos of house designs

After thinking carefully about the design we set to creating them! We spent the afternoon building our designs and making our ideas come to life!

Photos of making the houses

When all the houses were built we needed to test them to see if they met the pigs criteria: were they pretty, windproof and waterproof.

Photos of finished houses

We tested them in class using a hair dryer for the wind, a spray bottle to test if it was waterproof and we could see they were all very beautiful!

We had a great afternoon!


In maths we have been doubling. We have been practicing doubling numbers up to 12. Some of us have even challenged ourselves to double numbers greater than 12! There are some marvellous mathematicians in Liberty class!

Photos of maths work

Learning Lift Off

Our new topic is Home Sweet Home. We started our topic by building! Some children build their house, or they build their dream house! Some houses were skate parks, some were inside McDonalds, a lot of houses had pools and trampolines. The children were adventurous Aardvarks in their designs, they used a variety of materials. We had a great afternoon!

Photos of house models