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Term 3


We’ve been doubling this week in maths. Using ladybirds to help us, we’ve been doubling the spots on their back.

Photos of children doing maths work

Working as collaborative cats, we had to pick a number and double that number onto the ladybirds then find out how many spots the ladybird had altogether. Sometimes the numbers got really tricky but we never gave up and once we felt confident, we then created our own in our books.

The Three Little Pigs Acting

Freeze fames, we love making them. A freeze frame is when you create a still photo of something. This term we are reading The Three Little Pigs and looking at the different versions of the story.

To help us remember the story we do lots of different things, such as: story maps, actions, retelling using puppets. As we knew the story very well, we created our own freeze frames.

Here’s how they turned out:

Photos of children acting out Three Little Pigs

It was so fun to pretend to be the big bad wolf and the three little pigs.


For science this term we are learning all things materials.

What things are made of? What are their properties? What do we use the materials for? And why?

Today we had lots of different objects made from lots of different materials on the table. First, we explored them and described them.

Photos of children investigating materials

Next, we were given different words that described materials and we had to find an object that was made of this material.

Photos of children investigating materials

Our final challenge was to find different materials that had a certain property (e.g., hard, soft, transparent)

Photos of children investigating materials


It's been all about halving this week. 2 equal groups, that’s what we say to help us remember what we need to do.

We’ve had lots of practice both practically and in books. We had to remember to be responsible raccoons when trying to half numbers.

Photos of children doing maths

Sorting materials

We’ve been trying to understand the different properties that materials have so today we have been sorting them. We started by sorting different materials such as wood and plastic. Then we tried to look at properties like soft and hard. Some of us really challenged ourselves by try to sort materials in transparent and opaque.  

Photos of children sorting materials