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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Who are you going to call?

Imagination is going to take the children to a faraway place – who will they call when someone is in trouble? Maybe they need a superhero to save the day or a Doctor to make them feel better. Children will also develop their understanding of the world around them, by finding out about a variety of people within the community who help other people.  

As we talk about the lives of the people around us and their roles in society, we begin to use pretend play to think beyond the ‘here and now’ and to understand another perspective. We also begin to realise that our actions have an effect on the world.

Trip to Morrisons

WOW! What an incredible time we had a Morrisons, having a tour, around the store and we learnt so many facts!  Did you know there are 23 different types of strawberries!

We got to see the bakery and the butcher and the fish and cheese mongers and even got to touch one of the fish and see an octopus and a squid, although not all of us enjoyed that bit, we even saw some EVIL PEAS that had escaped from the freezer!

We got to go into the GIANT fridge and the GIANT freezer, which gets to  – 18... so we weren’t in there for long!

We also go to see where the lorries came in and dropped of all their produce!

And finally we all got to choose a potato to make our Supertato and a few of us got to scan the potatoes through before walking home! What an Amazing experience! One that I’m sure will not be forgotten for a long time!

We also got a call from the manager to say how lovely it was, that we were the first two classes to come and visit and that they were super impressed with just how well behaved we were,


Photos of Morrisons trip

Photos of Morrisons trip

Evil Pea Strikes Again

AHHHH! The Evil Pea strikes again! This week we have been making traps using shapes to try and catch the Evil Pea. It is important that we remember to describe the shape that we use. Is it round? Flat? Pointy?

Photos of the return of the Evil Pea


There has been an EVIL pea spotted in Dover. PLEASE look out for it. There is a video of where he has been. We have been Adventurous Aardvarks by exploring the outside environment to try and find the pea. If you find anything, please let Early Years know.

Photos of the Evil Pea