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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4


As our topic is Amazing Animals we have been looking at animal print in art. We looked at the patterns from 5 different animals and thought about the colours and patterns. We thought about how we could recreate the pattern through printing.

They look amazing!!

Wingham Trip

We had the most amazing day at Wingham Wildlife Park!

We stared our day with a special talk about animals diets and ‘the circle of life’. We got to look and touch tiger claws and teeth, snake teeth, bird talon and much more! We learnt a lot!

We then walked around looking at all the animals, we were very lucky as we got to see so many!

We stopped for some lunch and had a play on the play area… Miss Arthur and Mrs Howath had a great time!

We had an amazing day and the children were super stars and an asset to Priory Fields school.


We had an exciting science lesson today! We have been learning all about animals and their diets. We’ve looked at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We became super scientist and had to investigate the diet of an animal by looking at their… poo! We looked at what the animal had eaten (feathers, fur, raisins, hay etc.) and worked out what diet they had, it was great fun! (Don’t worry, this was not real animal poo!)


We have been learning about money and the value of money. We had a look at the different kinds of money you can get; coins, notes, cards etc.

We spoke about how money is used to buy things. Children visited our class shop and were able to use their money to buy things. Some children spent all their money and some decided to save up for next time.

Learning Lift Off

We had an amazing learning lift off! Children, and adults, came in dressed up as their favourite animal. Everyone had a chance to share their favourite fact about their animal and we had an animal catwalk to showcase the amazing costumes!

We had a fantastic animal day!