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Priory Fields School

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Term 4


In maths we have been practicing telling the time to o’clock. We were collaborative cats and worked with our partners to change our clock to the correct time that Miss Arthur said. We could even make the clock show 12 o’clock which is a bit tricky!

We know that the long hand shows the minutes and the short hand shows the hour. 

We then had a go at making the clock show a time and our partners had to tell us the correct time!

Photos of children learning to tell the time

Wingham Wildlife Park Trip

We went on an amazing trip to Wingham Wildlife Park!

We were very lucky and got to see lots of different animals! We saw animals from each animal category; mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We got to see carnivores, herbivores and omnivores which we have been learning about in class. It was an amazing day!

Photos of Wingham trip

We even got to have a go on the playpark and walk around the dinosaur discovery park.

Photos of Wingham trip


Amazing Animals!

This term we are learning all about amazing animals.  To start our learning this term we pretended to be a chosen animal, creating a mask that we could use.  We then thought about all the facts we already knew about our animal and we shared them with our friends across the whole of year 1.

Photos of children with animal masks