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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To make a predictions in a story.

Writing: To use exciting adjectives in my writing.

Maths: To count in 5s.

Easter Challenge

Our Easter challenge this year was to create a baby chick using forks, paint, groggily eyes and orange beaks. We had so much fun making them.

Photos of children's Easter craft work

We then had an Easter craft afternoon where we made bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter pictures. We got to use poms poms and glitter!!

Photos of children's Easter craft workEaster Egg Hunt

We had an Easter Egg Hunt. Miss hid our main Easter egg plus 2 mini eggs. It was really hard. The big egg had our name on and the little eggs were wrapped in shiny paper. Even though they took us a long time to find we still had fun. Happy Easter.

Photos of Easter Egg hunt

Addition and Subtraction

We have been learning all thing addition and subtraction. We have been using multi-link, number cards, Numicon, number lines and even snakes and ladders! We have talked about the different signs we use in maths and we know which one is which. Miss Mda gave us some tricky word problems to solve but we worked as collaborative cats and solved them!!! We all felt very proud.

Photos of the children dong maths work

All about feelings

Now that are finally back at school, we have been talking about our emotions. We have shared story about things that make us happy and excited and things that make us sad. We have been doing our mood monsters everyday so that we can think about how we are feeling and so are teachers know so that can talk to us if we are a little worried too. We been reading some brilliant stories and we’ve been doing lots of mindfulness activities: colouring, meditating, yoga and deep breathing.

Photo of feelings work  Photo of feelings book  Photo of feelings book

Photo of feelings work

Bouncing Bunnies

As we move into Easter we started to Spring and all the wonderful things it can bring. Longer and warmer days, sunny skies and bunnies!! We create a year group display all about bunnies and the coming of spring.

Photo of spring display work Photo of spring display work

Photo of spring display work

Let’s Count!!

For let’s count we have been learning about census’. What they are, why we use them and how they can help us. We got to do lots of fun things, and we even got to create own our census of the birds we see on the playground. Once we had finished, we created a display in our classroom of all our hard work.

Photo of Let's Count work Photo of Let's Count work