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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Amazing Animals

We are all different, but how different are animals? Can we identify animals and their features? What makes them unique? What features do they have in common? What do they eat and how can you classify them? How do their features help them in the climate they live in? This term we become walking talking Animal Encyclopaedias! As super Scientists we will learn lots of new scientific vocabulary! We will name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals and identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. As hands-on historians we will study the life of Sir David Attenborough and learn all about why it is important to look after animals. Have humans always been kind to animals? How has this changed? As growing Geographers we will study maps to learn about where different animals live and why they need to live in that environment. As aspirational Artists we will use animal texture and pattern as inspiration to create our own prints and designs.


In art this term we have been learning about printing and using different printing techniques to create animal print tote bags as part of our learning landing for our topic ‘Amazing Animals’.

Wingham Wildlife Park Trip

Harmony Class enjoyed a fantastic trip to the zoo this term, we had a brilliant educational talk about animal diets and we got to handle some animal artefacts. The children were wonderfully behaved and showed off their super animal knowledge.

We got to see all of the animals and meet some of our favourites,

And of course we had a good run around at the playpark.


Our favourite animals were the giraffes and the chimpanzees, they were pleased to see us too! All the children and adults had a fantastic time.

Learning Lift Off

We had a wonderful day dressed up as animals for our learning lift off! The children had so much fun and we did an animal catwalk to show off our animal costumes. The children chose to ‘walk’ the catwalk in the style of their animal and we had lots of giggles, especially at our shark sliding down the catwalk on his belly. It was a wonderful day and a fantastic way to launch our topic and inspire the children’s learning.


In English we have been creating our animal fact files which has involved finding out lots of facts about different animals. The children are really enjoying this learning, we have especially loved finding out about penguins and watching the penguins at Edinborough Zoo on live feed.


In maths we have been learning about halving shapes and halving amounts. This builds on our learning from last term and the children are becoming really confident in this area of mathematics. This week we have had fun estimating half of a container by filling it up with porridge oats, we may have got our classroom a little bit messy!