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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Our targets this term are:

Reading:  To make a predictions in a story

Writing: To use exciting adjectives in my writing

Maths: To count in 5s.

Easter Competition Winners

Here are our winners from the Easter bonnet and baking competition that the children did at home.

Photo pf Easter competition winners

Easter Crafts

Harmony have been putting their creative skills to good use and busily making Easter crafts.  We have coloured, painted, cut and stuck to make our Easter chicks and wreaths.

Photos of Easter craft work

Photos of Easter craft work


We have been reading The Whale and the Snail this term. We have talked about the story and then described characters and settings from it.

Photo of English work


We are learning about amazing animals.  We have thought about what animals eat, where they live and their special features.  After doing some research, we are now ready to begin writing our own fact files.

Photo of topic work

Photo of topic work

Photo of topic work



We have been busy counting forwards and backwards, identifying the value of different numbers and then using this to help us order and find missing numbers.  We have also used our adding and subtracting skills this term.

Photo of maths work

Let’s Count

For Let’s Count we carried out different surveys with our class to find out what our favourite things are.  We surveyed our favourite animals, toys and colours.  To help us keep count we used tally charts and even made a pictogram to help us easily spot our favourite and least favourite colours.  We also went outside to find out what birds we have around our school and how many of each type we could see.

Photo of Let's Count work

The NHS and Mary Seacole

We thought about how filling in the Census can help work out what resources are needed in our area; including the NHS.  We were surprised to hear that many years ago people had to pay to see a doctor.  We then found out about a kind and caring lady called Mary Seacole who was determined to help others who were poorly, even in they couldn’t afford to pay her.  Mary knew that good hygiene was important to help people stay healthy.  We created our own posters to highlight the need to wash our hands properly.

Photo of Mary Seacole work