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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Wingham Wildlife Park Trip

We spent an awesome day at Wingham Wildlife park seeing all the different animals there.  The first animals we came across we the white wolves as they patrolled the edge of their enclosure.  It was amazing to see them up close.  We used our scientific knowledge to identify them as mammals – we could see that they had fur and four legs.

We spotted the flamingos in the water and, although they weren’t flying, we could tell that they were birds as they were covered in feathers, had two legs and a beak.

The animals that probably amazed us the most were the giraffes – they were so incredibly tall!  We could see that they only ate plant based food so must be herbivores.

It was an exciting and amazing trip!

Click here for a Powerpoint of our photos from the trip!

Amazing Animals!

This term we are learning all about amazing animals.  To start our learning this term we pretended to be a chosen animal, creating a mask that we could use.  We then thought about all the facts we already knew about our animal and we shared them with our friends across the whole of year 1.

Photos of children with animal masks