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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Big Idea

Where in the world do animals live and why? How do animals come to live in zoos? Are zoos a good or bad thing? As growing Geographers, we will develop the geographical skills to explore and confidently talk about how they can use a range of web-mapping and satellite programmes to locate where animals in captivity come from, we will then learn about these places and consider why this might be. In Science, we will extend our knowledge of ‘Amazing Animals’ from KS1 considering nutrition and what animals need to survive – asking the question is this the same for all animals? How many bones are in the human body? Do all skeletons look the same? What are the differences? As blossoming Biologists we will explore skeletons, muscles and their purpose.

Our Learning Lift off!

Courtesy class really enjoyed exploring the question ‘why do we have a skeleton?’. We participated in a range of activities. The children were given different x-rays of animals skeletons and guessed what the animal was. They used bones to recreate what a skeleton looked like. They had a range of animals and sorted them in to endoskeleton and exoskeleton. We role played doctors and the children had to look at x-rays of broken bones and decide what was wrong and how they could fix it!!


In PE this term, Courtesy class are learning the skills for Hockey!

We learnt to hold the hockey sticks correctly and were learning to control the ball with our hockey sticks in pairs.