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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

World Book Day

Books came to life on Tuesday in Justice class as variety of characters came to spend the day at school.

Photos of book day dressing up

Turner Influenced Art

We have also been inspired by the work of Turner and his style of painting. We used oil pastels to recreate his work. We thought about the season and time of day when creating our masterpieces.

Photos of Turner art

Topic Maths

In Topic maths we had to give coordinate instructions to our partners to see if they could create a mirror image of where we placed our pegs. Success all around.

Photos of topic maths work

UK Topic

Being Geographers we have used maps and atlases to find out about the UK. we traced a map of the United Kingdom, adding in the 4 countries, their boundaries, capital cities and names of the seas around us. We now know what the shape of the UK is.

Photo of Kent map

Why would people visit Dover?

We thought about what there is in Dover to attract  tourists and sorted them into whether they were physical or man-made. Can you think of any we have forgotten?

Photos of Dover attaractions worjk

Why would children want to visit Kent?

We created a map of attractions in Kent that children would enjoy and placed them on our map.

Photos of Kent maps


What is a fraction? That is the question we are answering in Maths this term. we have been investigating with fraction circles and strips to answer this question.

Photos of fractions work

A fraction is a whole divided into equal parts.’

The denominator is the number of equal parts the whole is shared into.’

The numerator is the pieces we have eaten, coloured or used.’

A fraction can be halves, thirds, tenths, hundredths.’

A unit fraction is  ½   1/3  1/ 4 . The numerator is 1’

1/4, ½ and 2/8 make 1 whole.’

I/4, 2/6 and 4/12 make 1 whole.’

5/5. 6/6/, 12/12, 4/4 make a whole.’

1/4 and 2/8 make ½.’

The Shape of the UK

Why do we live here? We live in the county of Kent – the garden of England, home to Charles Dickens and the main area for growing hazelnuts in the UK! The first ever James Bond book was written down the road in St. Margarets and we are the gateway to Europe being just 21 miles away from Calais in France. Where do other people live? Do you know anything about the other counties of the UK or how our country is divided up? As budding geographers, we will consider the shape of the UK as we travel from South further North. Along the way, we will practice our skills in map reading through the use of OS maps, Google Earth and atlases.  You will be so inspired you will want to discover these places on your holidays for yourselves.

Photos of countries made with playdough

Foe our Learning Lift-off we were challenged to make a playdoh model of the United Kingdom to assess our knowledge.  We had to identify where England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were, as well as the capital cities and famous landmarks like The White Cliffs, Angel of the North, The Giant’s Causeway and Ben Nevis. We will repeat this activity at the end of the term, wait to see our maps then.

Photos of map work

We also recapped previous learning about continents, oceans and where we live. We used the Geography mural in school to do this. We know there are 7 continents, 5 oceans and we live in the continent of Europe. We are part of the United Kingdom, the country in it we live in is England and our county is Kent.


This term in English we are reading Mr Gum a very comical book. We have used the first chapter to retrieve information about him and make inferences about his character by finding clues in the chapter to back up our ideas.

Photo of English work

Photo of English work

Photo of English work

Photo of English work

Photo of English work Photo of English work

Photo of English work Photo of English work