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Priory Fields School

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Term 4

Big Idea - The Shape of the UK

Why do we live here? We live in the county of Kent – the garden of England, home to Charles Dickens and the main area for growing hazelnuts in the UK! The first ever James Bond book was written down the road in St. Margarets and we are the gateway to Europe being just 21 miles away from Calais in France. Where do other people live? Do you know anything about the other counties of the UK or how our country is divided up? As budding geographers, we will consider the shape of the UK as we travel from South further North. Along the way, we will practice our skills in map reading through the use of OS maps, Google Earth and atlases.  You will be so inspired you will want to discover these places on your holidays for yourselves.


We had best attendance for a week so we got the opportunity to have a trampoline session with Miss Critcher. 

World Book Day

For World Book Day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from our books.


In our Shape of the UK topic, we looked at why do tourists want to visit Kent? And why would children want to holiday in Kent?  We then created PowerPoint presentations, adverts, songs or posters to answer the questions.


Our book this term is Mr Gum, we have been focusing on character descriptions and getting to know Mr Gum. We decided to hot seat Mr Gum to get some more ideas as to what kind of person he was, which has helped us with our writing!


In topic, we looked at where do we live?, we found out that we live in the county, Kent. The population is around 118,000. The town of Dover is a major ferry port located in Kent, south-east England and Dover is approximately 21 miles away from France.  We discovered that the White Cliffs of Dover are mainly made up of chalk with bands of flint running through it. The White Cliffs are a popular tourist destination. On clear days, many people enjoy taking walks on the grassy clifftops as it provides them with a lovely view of France over the English Channel. The cliffs are home to a variety of rare animals, including skylarks and peregrine falcons.  Once we discussed Dover we found some human or physical features!


Time To Talk

For our time2talk activity we chose a story to develop into a film. We designed the set, costumes and script, working on our morals and values and developing our motivation.






In topic for our learning landing we created the United Kingdom out of play-doh, we used our previous knowledge to try and remember what shapes they were.


In computing, we had to make a quiz for a friend, we looked at what kind of questions we would have for our friends that no one else could access and discussed what kind of questions shouldn’t be used if the quizzes where shared online. We then all had a go at each other’s quiz to see how well we know each other.