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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Operation Dynamo

We created timelines to show the events which led up to Operation Dynamo, the miracle evacuation of Dunkirk.

 Photos of timelines of Operation Dynamo

Anderson Shelters

We have also been exploring Anderson Shelters. We have researched, discussed, designed, modelled and are currently in a massive project to actually build the shelters. We hope to be incredibly successful in our builds and be able to take them home to show you all.

Photos of children making model Anderson Shelters

WW2 Topic

As part of the WW2 curriculum, we have been delving into how the war affected Dover and the neighbourhood we currently live in. It is fascinating to think of all the events so close to home. We reflected these in diary entries, letters and stories.

Photos of WW2 work

Photos of WW2 work

Photos of WW2 work

In term 4, our creative curriculum focus is on the second world war. For our learning lift off, we all dressed as evacuee children. The day started with a letter from the Education Office of the War Department. Within, were instructions on our evacuation from Dover to various parts of the UK countryside. The letter also contained a list of kit we had to take. We wrote a newspaper report of that day and really got to grips with the turmoil such an evacuation would have on us personally. We even made gas mask boxes whilst learning of how the war started.

Photos of WW2 dress up day

Photos of WW2 dress up day

Photos of WW2 work


We have really enjoyed our learning lift off and look forward to reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo – a story about two boys who were evacuated from their town to the countryside.


Term 4 PE is tag rugby. This could be a very muddy spring PE term! Wait for the video….

Photos of PE work