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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 4

Farm Visit

As part of our RE learning this term, we had the opportunity to visit a local Farm to see the new born lambs. When we were there, we fed the animals, talked about their offspring and got to cuddle and stroke the new lambs. We had a fantastic couple of hours!



Mr McGregor’s Garden was destroyed by Peter Rabbit and his friends. Whilst watching the video we saw that Mr McGregor’s plants were growing tall and were colourful, we spotted lots of different vegetables.

We are going to learn about what plants need to grow? If all plants need the same conditions to grow? And how do plants grow? This term we are scientists!

We have conducted an experiment planting cress seed, placing 2 pots in the light watering 1 and not watering the other. We placed 2 more pots in a cupboard so they received no light and only watered one. We will watch to see what happens to see if cress seeds need light and water to grow!



In maths we have been finding half of shapes first by folding, then using squared paper and counting the squares and finally by using a ruler!