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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

Learning Lift off

This term we are learning about Precious Plants in science. We got to go to Alkham Valley Garden Centre to learn all about plants. We got to plant our very own giant sunflower seeds and explore the poly tunnel and see how many different plants grow.

We had a garden centre checklist, where there were lots of different objects that needed to be find. We ended our trip with some juice and biscuits. Yum!

Photos of trip to garden centre

Heaviest and Lightest

Some things are heavy and some things a light but how can you tell? We've been using our weighing skills to predict which objects are heavier and which objects are lighter.

Photos of children looking a weight of objects

Then we had to help Postman Pat to sort out the different letters from the heaviest to the lightest. We had to be like the open-minded octopus when trying to work it out as we couldn't see the objects inside the letter. We had so much fun trying to work it out and working collaboratively.

Photos of children weighing letters

Plant Explorers

We need on a walk around the school to see which plants we could spot. Whilst exploring we saw lots of dandelions and daisies. We found plants that were spiky and prickly. Some were green and soft. It was amazing to investigate all the different plants.

Photos of children exploring plants in school grounds