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Priory Fields School

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Term 5


In computing we have been following instructions. In week 1 we followed instructions to make a paper aeroplane. Then, we followed instructions to draw an ice cream!

This week we have focussed on giving instructions. We had to make sure the instructions were clear so that our partner understood.

‘Touch your right foot!’

‘Do 5 star jumps!’

‘Take 3 steps to your left!’


This week we went on a special trip! We went to our local church; One Church. We learnt a lot about what happens in the church, what artefacts can be found in the church and the people that visit a church.

We met Pastor Scott and Pastor Katie who showed us around the church and even let us up the tower so we could see all the recording equipment!

We even stopped for a snack while we asked questions!

We learnt a lot about churches and Christians.

Science- Bean planting

Today we planted a bean!

First, we placed a strip of cotton wool in a sandwich bag.

Then, we gently placed the bean on the cotton wool.

Next, we sprayed the inside of the bag with water.

Finally, we taped the bags to the windows, so they get plenty of light.

We can’t wait to watch them grow!

Learning Lift Off

For our learning lift off we visited Priory Fields Garden Centre!

First we decorated our plant pots!


Then we put the soil into the pot, we made sure to leave a little hole for the seed to go in!

Lastly, we chose our seed and planted it.

We learnt about the 5 things plants need to grow:

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Air
  • Space
  • Light

So we are going to make sure our plants have all the things they need to grow!


In computing we talked about what an instruction was. We then followed instructions to make a paper aeroplane. It was great fun!

Walk around the school

This term our topic is ‘Precious Plants’! We started by having a walk around the school grounds to see what plants we could see. We found lots of flowers and trees! We had to remember that everything that grows is a plant, not just the flowers and trees!