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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To explore different types of poetry.

Writing: To remember to use capital letters in names.

Maths: To count in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Butter Bean Beanstalk Update

We have been growing our beanstalks for a few weeks now and they are growing!!! Some are going super speedy like, Mrs Salters and some are taking a little longer to grow, like Miss Mda's.

We talked about how things grow at different speeds and even though we have given them everything they need, sun and water, they don’t always grow at the same speed. We only have 2 weeks left and we can’t wait to see how tall they get.

Photos of bean plants growing


This term in PE we are practising our gymnastics skills. We’ve been learning how to balance and to create different shapes with our bodies. This week we have been using different apparatus’ to do our balancing on. We had to make a straight balance, a curled balance and a star balance. Some of them were really easy and some were quite tricky but we will keep trying.

Photos of the children doing gymnastics

Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Did you know that evergreen trees don’t lose their leaves, we do!! We have been learning all about the different types of trees you might see. We became explores and went on a tree hunt in the school field. We looked for the different signs to tell us if we were looking at a Deciduous or an Evergreen tree.

This is how you know:

An Evergreen Tree keeps its green leaves all year round. You can remember this from the name (evergreen).

A Deciduous Tree loses its leaves each year (in the autumn and winter).

Photos of children exploring trees in school grounds

Vincent Van Gogh

In art we have been focusing on Vincent Van Gogh. We have been focusing on his most famous paintings. We have been looking at the shapes and colours that he uses in his paintings.

We started by exploring different patterns and shapes that he uses when creating his art. We then looked at how the use of different mediums gives us a different effect. We played around with colouring pencils and felt tips, pastels, chalk and water colours.

Our final piece of art this week was to recreate the Sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh. We had to think about the shape of the sunflowers, the colours that Van Gogh used and the medium we wanted to use.

Now that we have finished, we have created a ‘Liberty Class Gallery’ with all our wonder art work.  

Photos of children's van Gogh art work


This week in maths topic we have been looking at weight. We have been talking about how we can ‘estimate’ (to make a careful guess) which is the heaviest and which is the lightest.

We started by estimating which objects we thought were heaviest and which objects we thought the lightest. We then used our hands to weigh the different objects to see if our estimating was right.

Once we did that, we used weighing scales to weigh the different objects. Some objects were really hard to estimate which one was heavier and others were super easy. 

Photos of children learning about weight

Butter Bean Beanstalks

We are growing our own beanstalks!!!

We started with a plastic cup. We then put 6 cotton wool balls into the cup. Next we put the butter bean in. We put it near the edge so we can watch it grow and see the roots. After that we sprayed the cotton wool making sure that was damp but not too wet. Finally, we placed our cup on the window ledge so the sunlight can help it to grow.

We will keep you updated on how they do but we won’t tell you if we find a magnificent castle.

Photos of children growing beans

Precious Plants

This term we are looking at plants. What they look like, how they grow and what things they need to help them grow.

This week we have been planting different flowers. We have 5 different types (Sawn River Daisies, Dahlias, Pansies, Stocks and Dianthus) and our job was to talk about the 3 things that need to grow: soil, water and sunlight and then plant them.

Now that we have planted our flowers we will be looking after them for the rest of the term and hopefully watch them grow.

Photos of the children planting flowers

Height and Length

This term for topic maths we are comparing, describing, and estimating height/length. This week we are doing 2 different activities.

Activity 1 is throwing a bean bag as far as we can. We talked about who’s bean bag went the longest (furthest) away and who’s went the shorter (closest).

Activity 2 was all about measuring and estimating. We had a pencil, sharpener and glue stick. We talked about which object we thought was the longest and which was the shortest. We realised that the only way to know if we were correct or not was to measure them. Using counters, we estimated how many counters long we thought the objects were and then we had to prove it. The pencil was 8 counters long. The sharpener was 3 and the glue stick was 6. Making the pencil the longest and the sharpener the shortest.

Photos of height / length work