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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Our targets this term are:

Reading:  To explore different types of poetry.

Writing: To remember to use capital letters in names.

Maths: To count in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Precious Plants

This term we have been learning all about plants.  We have planted different seeds such as butter beans, sunflowers and pansies.  We have then been busy taking care of them and watching them grow.  We love coming into class each morning to see how much our butter beans have changed and grown over the last day.

Photos of children plantingPhotos of bean plants growingAwesome Artists

Whilst developing our observational art skills we have used different mediums like pencil, paint and chalks.  We have looked closely at different plants, created our own ‘alien’ ones and been inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.  Each time we draw or paint we think about how we can use lines and shapes to make our work look like the plant we want to create.

Photos of Vincent van Gogh art

Photos of Vincent van Gogh artMagnificent Mathematicians

To help us develop our number skills this term we have been busy doubling, solving repeated additions, exploring arrays and what they show, halving and sharing equally into different groups. 

Photos of children's maths work

An Adventurous Aardvark, Spotted by Mrs Wheeler!

This young man made a super model using Lego.  What an Adventurous Aardvark he is!

Photo of child with Lego model