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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Handa's Surprise

EYFS have WOWd Mr Mc and Miss PM. We have been exploring patterns in the environment and then we used our story Handa’s Surprise to try and recreate our own patterns!Photos of children painting

Zebras are black and white!

Cheetahs have orange and brown spots!

Tricky Truck Words

We have been working VERY hard on our tricky truck words. We don’t like them as they trick us. However, we use our open-mindedness to try our best to write them like the octopus!

Photos of children's writing

Outside Area

The weather has been lovely since we have returned from Easter. We have been exploring the garden in fancy dress and using the garden to create an assault course. Look at our awesome movements! 

Photos of children playing outside

Role-play Area

This term we are going on journeys and we have a bus as our role-play area. It has been great to see the children use their imagination to inspire their journeys! Here is our ticket inspector!

Photos of children's roleplay area

Handa's Surprise

WOW! What a fantastic first week back after Easter. We have been learning about Handa’s surprise and this week we met the curiosity cube! It was FULL of the fruit from the story, (except the Guava which is out of season!) We were lucky enough to try these fruits.

Photo of fruit and cube

Photos of children tasting fruit

This is what some of the children said:

This is lovely!

The pineapple is spiky!

I did not like that!!


We have been learning to count backwards in maths. We MUST remember the number get smaller and to say 0 before we shout blast off! (0 is the MOST important number!)

Photos of the children learning maths