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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

Early Years' Voyage to Canterbury

Early years went on a voyage to Canterbury! We went to see a show at the theatre called, ‘There’s a Monster in you show!’ It was amazing. We got the bus and watched the show. It was fun!

The Enormous Turnip!

This week in drawing club, we have been looking at the traditional tale, ‘The Enormous Turnip!’ Look at our creations as we designed our own character to help the old man pull the COLOSSAL turnip out.


In PE, we have been working hard on our ball skills. We have to watch where we want to kick the ball and also when we catch or throw the ball.


Mini-Beast Dress-Up Day

We have had an awesome day today! We had our minibeast dress up day! Look at our characters!! Also we met Miss Reeves’ giant African land snail.