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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

PE - Football

For PE this term we have been practising our football skills – passing, stopping and dribbling. We worked collaboratively to rehearse these skills and build on our knowledge.

Photos of children playing football

Science - Alive, Dead and Never Alive

In science we learnt about Alive, Dead and Never Alive. We went on a walk around the school grounds, looking for objects. We had some fantastic discussions to decide whether items were dead or never alive such as pencils in the classroom.

Photos of children searching the school grounds for animals

In the classroom we had to classify whether object pictures were Alive, Dead or Never Alive.

Photos of children classifying objects

Science - Food Chains

In Science we have been learning about food chains and where animals get their energy from. We worked together to figure out the food chains of many different animals.

Photos of children sorting food chains

RE - Islam

In RE, we read and listened to a story from Islamic Faith called “The Boy who Threw Stones at Trees”. In groups we re-enacted the story and thought about the character’s feelings and their thoughts.

Photos children re-enacting an Islamic story

Learning Lift Off

We had an amazing Learning Lift Off when we visited Brogdale in Faversham. We had a whole day exploring the orchard; learning about the fruit that grows on trees; clay model making; exploring the Bug habitat and even had a go at mini pond dipping! We had such a fantastic day and we really enjoyed all of the things we learnt about. 

Photos of Brogdale trip