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Priory Fields School

Priory FieldsSchool

Term 5

Learning Landing

Our learning landing was a fun-filled day of planning, creating and evaluation Stone Age houses. After some research, we had to find some natural materials to help us build. We made the walls from clay and added the natural materials around the outside and for the roof. 

History workshop

We had visitors in school to help us learn more about the Stone Age to Iron Age.

To start with we learnt a story about Otzi the Ice man and then we were able to put on costumes and have face paint so we were Stone Age people for the day.

We then took part in 6 different activities, some of them involved making tools, flint knapping, pottery, chalk carving and bow drilling. We learnt lots of new skills.




Courtesy class really enjoyed their art project. We annotated cave paintings and looked at what each painting represented. We then used our researching skills to find out information about Banksy. To finish we were adventurous aardvarks and created our own pieces of artwork using chalks to show the comparison of how humans once lived and how we live today.



History Posters

Look at our fantastic history posters! We were encouraging people to stop using Stone Age tools and use the Bronze Age tools instead.



Learning Lift Off

For our learning lift off this term, Courtesy Class were ordering events on a timeline, looking through pictures of Stone Age tools, food and jewellery. We worked to re-create Stone Henge using different materials from around the classroom.