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Term 5

Year 4 Term 5 Big Idea

At a time when transport and communication can connect the world in more ways than ever before, what we buy and what we consume can have a profound impact on the lives and societies of people and wildlife of the world. To be a global citizen is to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. Each of us has a responsibility to the communities which we are a part of – to respect each other’s cultures and needs, to support one another and ensure that we work together locally, nationally and globally. As geographers and scientists, who protect our spectacular planet, we are going on a journey through our seas and oceans, explaining the impact us humans have on the environment. Along our way, we will discover the impact of this plastic waste and be inspired to create sculptures using discardedplastic and writing persuasively to campaign against it. 

Learning Landing

During our learning landing, we invited our families and friends to come and join us to create sculptures out of recycling. We had a brilliant time and created loads of amazing pieces of artwork. Thank you so much to all our families who came and joined us for the afternoon!

Photos of learning landing


After our trip to the Natural History Museum, we used our maths work on area to design our own museums containing our favourite exhibitions! We then found the area of each individual space which could be visited.

Photos of maths work

Natural History Museum Trip

Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Natural History Museum, we saw the dinosaur exhibition, learnt about many different mammals and attended the Ocean Wildlife Show. We really enjoyed seeing the Blue Whale skeleton in the main hall.

Photos of Natural History Museum Trip


We had a great afternoon creating veggie lasagne together. We chopped, mixed and combined lots of ingredients to create our own individual lasagne dishes.

Photos of children cooking


We made persuasive posters to convince others to help protect our planet and oceans, particularly highlighting the use of plastic.

Photos of pollution posters work

Classifying Animals

We have been exploring different types of animals and classifying them by their features.

Photos of children classifying animals

Oil Spill Experiment

We looked at the impact of oil spills on both expanses of water and bird’s feathers and then tried out different ways of cleaning up the mess of an oil spill. We found tights to skim the oil off the surface to be the most effective!

Photos of oil experiment

Oceans Letters

We have been looking at how our oceans are being impacted by the use of lots of plastic across the world and have written letters to different companies, the government and King Charles III to let them know how we are feeling.

Photos of children writing letters

Photo of ocean letter Photo of ocean letter

Photo of ocean letter Photo of ocean letter

Photo of ocean letter Photo of ocean letter

Photo of ocean letter

Charcoal Drawings

Look at our fantastic charcoal drawings of the gasworks described in our class text ‘Run Wild’.

Photos of charcoal drawings

Plastic Planet

Our topic this term is called Plastic Planet, where we will be working to answer the question – ‘What is the effect of plastic for the future of our world?’ We completed a litter pick in our local community for our learning lift-off, and collected over 11kg of rubbish!

Photos of children litter picking