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Priory Fields School

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Term 5

Tag Rugby Fun

Tolerance have enjoyed our topic of tag rugby in P.E. We have been able to practise a range of skills including moving and passing. We learnt that passing a rugby ball is different from passing a basketball!

We then practised our moving skills by playing a game where we had to try to remove peoples ‘tags’ from the opposite team. This involved lots running. We had lots of fun!

Photos of children playing Tag Rugby

Music Performance

Year 5 were fortunate enough to have a performance from pupils at the Royal College of Music. We listened to them play the clarinet, and noticed the different sounds that a bass clarinet can make! We thought that the performers were aspirational ants as they started to learn their musical instrument at the same age we are!

Photos of music performance


Tolerance enjoyed a session of yoga. Each term we have been taking part in a yoga session as part of our PSHE and mindfulness. We have to be open-minded to ensure we can complete each move. It is important to ensure that we enjoy moments of peace within our yoga sessions too.

I enjoyed practising the downward dog.

I enjoyed practising the triangle.

My favourite pose was the cat pose.

Photos of Yoga

Yellow Submarine Performances

Click the videos below to watch our performances of Yellow Submarine!

Learning lift off

Tolerance had a rather mysterious start to their term! We were off to the field to complete our daily mile when suddenly we discovered some rather mysterious looking objects! We decided it was best to explore these further.

When we returned to class, we read ‘The Highwayman’ and realised all of the items we found linked to ‘The Highwayman’. We began to analyse the evidence and discussed how this would be used.

A few moments later, we found a rather confused witness wondering along the corridor. He came and spoke to us and told us some more information about the crime that had taken place on the field! Using this information, we sketched an image of what we believed the criminal looked like and we created a wanted poster! We are hoping we find the criminal soon!

When the ‘witness’ came in, he told us about everything that happened!

We saw horse hoofs on the field!

There was blood and a HM for Highwayman on the tissue!

Photos of Highwayman work

Yellow Submarine!

Tolerance class have been exploring how different notes are represented on a stave. First, we explored what different notes sound like. We then looked at how they are recorded on a stave. We listened to Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (which we remembered from our choir sessions!). We focussed on the notes in the chorus. We have started to practise playing this using the chimes bars ready to perform next week!

Photos of music work