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Term 5

Learning Landing

Thank you to all the parents and adults who were able to come along to our Learning Landing for Crime and Punishment on Friday. The children enjoyed showing the work they have completed this term on our topic, including their poems and missing chapters from this term’s text, The Highwayman, as well as their amazing art work showing perspective. Lots of fun was had putting adults and children alike in the stocks and pelting them with ‘rotten veg!’ Thank you to all of those who took the time to give us feedback on the event, you thoughts are always greatly appreciated!



This term in year 5 we have been considering ‘How do drugs common to everyday life, affect health?’

Today, we thought about how we may react to situations in a passive, aggressive or assertive manner. Using our new knowledge, we looked at a number of scenarios involving illegal and legal drugs. We worked in groups to discuss how we may respond if we were in the situation ourselves, and felt pressure to behave a particular way. The children were Collaborative Cats and Open-Minded Octopuses, listening to each other and responding to others thoughts and opinions.

Visit From Local Artist Shane Record

On Thursday, year 4 and 5 were lucky enough to meet local artist Shane Record. Shane has a gallery in the Creative Quarter in Folkestone and has been a professional artist for 20 years. His preferred medium is oils and his favourite genre is nature and landscapes. During our two-hour live painting session, Shane was happy to answer questions from the children. Here are some of our favourites!

How long have you been painting for?

“Professionally for 20 years, but since I was a little boy. I tried really hard for years and I'm much better now than I was before.”

Why did you become an artist?

“ Because I enjoy it. I love painting because I love being playful and magical like a child. If I am not, I would not be any good at it. I like to inspire people.”

Do you get injuries from painting?

“Yes, because of the way I paint I got repetitive strain injury, so I had to paint with my left hand. I thought of an artist’s way out of it!”

How do you make it realistic?

“Perspective, use of colour and tone (showing the difference between light and dark) and shading."

Crime & Punishment Lift Off

Today, Year 5 Tolerance and Respect class enthusiastically jumped into their new topic for term 5, Crime and Punishment! We started our Lift Off with a walk on the playing fields, but this quickly turned into a full on crime scene investigation! As we walked the field, we found some interesting and concerning items including a hanky covered in fresh blood, two pistols, a sword, a mask, a black cloak, a three pointed hat and two love letters (one from Bess and one from ‘H’). We used the clues to try to work out what crime may have been committed! Back in classroom we were lucky enough to interview a key witness to the crime, a Mr Arthur Daley, who have us vital clues on the crime, including a description of the suspect. The children enjoyed making and e-fit of the culprit and creating a wanted poster. Year 5 are definitely future crime scene investigators! A great start to our Crime and Punishment topic!