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Term 5

WW2 Topic

We continued our World War 2 topic this term with a focus on the Home Front. For the learning lift-off, we dressed as child evacuees. On arrival at school, we were given our name tags, a letter of evacuation and details of the place and family we were to be sent to. We also explored the rationing documents and what it would mean to our families and us.


We also had the chance to design and then make/sew bunting for our special VE Day street party. Major preparations are under the way for the learning landing street party with some very special invited guests!

Following our visit last term to the war tunnels under Dover Castle, we undertook some major research using various sources on Operation Dynamo. The battle and subsequent evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk were a major turning point in the war. As part of the Dunkirk spirit which emanated from the south coast, we wrote some fantastic reports about the whole state of affairs.