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Priory Fields School

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Term 6

African Drumming

Wow! What AN AMAZING African Drumming experience that we had with Mr Cook. We played a wide range of different instruments, such as the Djembe and Dunduns and Agogo’s, as well as maracas’ and tambourines. We all were Adventurous Aardvarks and had a go on all the instruments, we loved following the rhythm of a lovely African song, which had a fantastic beat to follow, starting quietly (piano) and getting louder .. (forte). We also wore our beautifully painted African Necklaces, which we enjoyed painting using our knowledge of repeating patterns.

Thank you Mr Cook for an amazing afternoon!

Photos of children doing African drumming

BIG Picture

Handa goes on a journey and meets lots of animals along the way. What journeys have the children been on? Do they know of anyone else who has been on a journey? Practical experiences like fruit tasting will give the children lots of opportunities to talk about and describe the food they see and taste and begin to think about where it has come from? Developing some understanding of the differences and similarities in cultures and traditions. Keeping healthy is also really important – what do we need to do to ensure we have a healthy lifestyle?  Transition will also be focus, discussing feelings and identifying strategies children can use as they make the next step in their learning journey.

As we continue to create and think critically, we are able to recognise some differences and similarities in the lives of this country and the lives of different countries, drawing on knowledge from stories non-fiction texts and maps.


Wow! We have done some amazing learning so far this term. We walked in to find the curiosity cube with a range of exotic fruits in. They were 1. Banana, 2. Guava, 3. Avocado, 4. Passion fruit, 5. Pineapple, 6. Orange and 7. Mango. We are now going to watch them as they rot and go old! Check in for more updates!

Photos of fruit