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Priory Fields School

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Term 6

Our targets this term are:

Reading: To talk about how a character feels in a story.
Writing: To use a range of conjunctions in my writing. 
Maths: To recall my number bonds to 20. 

Grace Darling

As part of our History learning we have found out about a daring lady called Grace Darling.  We have found her story captivating!  Back in 1838 she was in a lighthouse when she spotted that a boat had crashed in a terrible storm.  She bravely rowed a wooden lifeboat out to sea and saved the lives of 9 people.  After her heroic rescue she became a bit of a celebrity - so much so that even Queen Victoria wrote to her!

Photos of Grace Darling work

Sports Day

We had our Year 1 sports day! Even though it wasn’t the day we expected and we so wish our grownups could have been there, we still had a great day.

We ran a fast as we could in running races.

Then we had to balance a ball on top of a tennis racket. It was really tricky.

We made sure to cheer on all our friends, but the best part were the ice lollies.

Photos of sports day


We finally went on a school trip. we went to the beach and explored all the fun things Braodstairs had to offer.

We started our day with some fun in the sand. We worked as collaborative cats to create sandcastles, find hidden treasure and make sand angels.

Then we got to play on the rides. There was a bouncy castle and boats that you could swing into the air. Some of us got a little dizzy but we all had lots of fun.

Once we had eaten our lunch (and scared away those naughty seagulls) we then went to the sweet shop. We learnt all about how sweets were made and the different types of sweets they ate in Victorian times. We watched as they weighed the sweet out and learnt some of the funny names of the different sweets.

Finally, it was time to come home and we were exhausted but it was incredible. Thank you for the best day ever!!

Photos of children's trip to Broadstairs

Designing and Making Lighthouses

As part of our Design and Technology learning we have created our very own lighthouses. We started by gathering and organising thoughts - looking at different lighthouses and exploring what features they have and why they have them. 

Photos of children's lighthouses research

Then we generated our ideas, drawing different style lighthouses. After that we decided which design we would like to try to recreate.

Photos of children making lighthouses

Next we implemented our designs and made them.  Finally, we evaluated our lighthouses, sharing what went well and one thing that we would do differently or change next time.

Victorian Beach Day

This term we are learning all about things sunny and sandy at the seaside. We will be exploring beaches from the past and compare are beach today to beaches in Victorian times. We had a beach days learning, exploring and discovering all the things the seaside says to offer.

We played with bowling pins, hook-a-duck and measuring glitter water to ‘sell’ on the beach. We created posters for the beach and menus for our seaside restaurant. We watch a Punch and Judy show and even got to create our own.

Photos of children's seaside day

The best part of the day was when we had a sandcastle competition. We had to work out how much sand and water we would need to create the perfect sandcastle. Some were a little too dry, some a little too wet and some were perfect!!

Photos of children's seaside day

3D shapes

Edges, faces and vertices. This term we are discovering the different properties that 3D shapes have. We have been comparing the different shapes and talking about their similarities and differences. We used the hoops and put them into different groups. We had to explain why we had put them in the hoops we had and what made them the same/different.

Photos of 3D shapes