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Priory Fields School

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Term 6

DT and History

In DT we made a moving animation.

We painted a story sea scene for the back ground of our project. We then painted a wooden boat like Grace Darling would have used. We added Grace Darling into the boat and put it onto a lolly stick to become the moving part. As a class we decorated the scene and lighthouse with tissue paper and glue.

We then re-told the story with our moving animation!

PE- Cricket

In PE this term we have been focussing on cricket. We have been learning about fielding and batting. When fielding we’ve been working on our accuracy when throwing both over arm and under arm. We’ve also been working on our catching skills. It’s been great fun learning a new sport!


We also practiced our super speedy running!


English- Poems

In English we have been looking at sea shanties. We have been singing the Wellerman and looking at other popular sea shanties. Mr Cook even taught us some in music.

We then has a look at some poems based around the seaside. We looked at the rhyming words in the poems and looked at how they were structured.

We learnt a poem with actions!


In maths we have been looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We looked at the shapes and used a venn diagram to sort them based on their properties. We worked as collaborative cats on our tables!


History- Grace Darling

In history we have been learning about Grace Darling! We listened to her story and acted it out. Here is the story:

Once upon a time, in the year 1838, there lived a brave young woman named Grace Darling. She lived with her family in a lighthouse on the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland, England. Grace's father, William Darling, was the lighthouse keeper, and Grace often helped him with his duties.

One stormy night, the sea was wild and the wind howled fiercely. Waves crashed against the rocks, and the rain poured down heavily.

Grace and her father were in the lighthouse, keeping the light burning bright to guide ships safely through the dangerous waters.

As dawn broke, Grace looked out from the lighthouse window and saw a terrible sight. A ship called the Forfarshire had struck the rocks and was breaking apart in the rough sea. She could see people clinging to the wreckage, desperately needing help.

Grace knew they had to act quickly to save the shipwrecked people. She and her father decided to take their small rowing boat out into the stormy sea. It was very dangerous, but Grace was determined to help.

With her father rowing and Grace guiding, they battled the powerful waves and strong winds. After a long, hard struggle, they finally reached the wreck. Grace and her father managed to rescue nine people, bringing them back safely to the lighthouse.

The story of Grace Darling's bravery spread quickly. People admired her courage and selflessness. She became a national heroine, and many songs, poems, and stories were written about her brave deed.

Grace Darling's actions showed that even in the face of great danger, one person's bravery can make a big difference and save lives. Her story continues to inspire people to be courageous and help others in need.

Beside the Seaside

Learning Lift Off

Today the beach came to Priory Fields school!

To start our learning about the Victorian seaside, we visited our very own beach! There were lots of different activities to explore!

Paddling pool

“It's like a little spa!”

Crab catching

“He caught a crab in the net!”

Hook a duck


“I liked the throwing thing because I got 300!”

“I got 100 points 10 times!!”


“This is the best beach ever!”

“My feet are buried in the sand!”

“I built a sandcastle.”

Water tray

“I liked the water. It was cold!”

Sand tray

“I liked to play with the sand”

“I liked the sand-pit because we got to build sandcastles!”


“I liked bowling because I knocked off of them down!”

The children had the best time, and so did the adults!